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818 Hwy WW, St. Clair, MO 63077


Located 50 Miles SW of St. Louis - 3 miles off of I-44 near St. Clair, MO 

Constructed in 1994 as a small, state-of-the-art kennel & cattery with 9 condos and 10 runs, Pet Tender’s is now an all feline facility. 

(The Pet Tender’s idea of “Retirement”!)

 Clean, Comfortable, and Secure pet quarters are private, spacious, heated Bank of condos(infloor hydronic) and air conditioned indoor spaces connected to individual covered outdoor enclosures where cats can choose to lull and watch the many birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. that frequent the feeders just outside their porches.  Nature provides the entertainment here!  And nine skylights let the sunshine in!

AN ANIMAL HOME built specifically for the comfort and security of its residents. At 960 climate controlled sq. ft. the building is the size of a small house, and with the Pet Tender in the building at least 12 hours a day it seems like being at home with a guardian.   This home just allows more animals to share the space with a feeling of having their own private quarters, yet being a part of a larger community.

The CONDOS are vertical spaces 3’x3’x6’ tall with 4 levels inside and 3’x4’x8’ tall with 3 levels outside.  Walls are solid between condos inside, but top half wire outside gives all residents a full view of the out-of-doors through their picture windows when they’re in or from their porch perches when they’re out.  Condos each contain 126 cu.ft., space a plenty for 2 family cats to share.100_2038

The RUNS originally built for dogs are horizontal spaces 4’x8’ in and 4’x8’ out, with full height (8’) solid walls between in & out opening into a 12’x40’ gravel exercise yard.  Converting the runs for cat use involves adding perches, chairs, lots of soft bedding and hiding spots, hanging cat toys, etc. and VOILA! very spacious FELINE GROUP HOMES!  These are used primarily for lifetime residents and large families.100_1559

FLEXIBLE DESIGN allows enclosures to be opened to each other to accommodate families who like to live together most of the time, but need time out occasionally (like separation for feeding, etc.).  The 11 tons of recycled plastic used in the construction have provided surfaces easy to clean and disinfect between boarders, and disease transmission has not been a problem.    The building is equipped with smoke alarms, emergency lighting and other security features.  All enclosures are double fenced and kept locked for security.

FEES:  Daily (24 hr) Base Rates:

  • $20 for Cats
  • $10 for little critters in their own cages!
  • Fees are charged Check-IN to Check-OUT to the nearest quarter day (min 24 hr. charge) so you only have to pay for the time you need.


  • 50% Additional compatible critters in the same enclosure
  • 10%  Altered Pets (Spayed or Neutered)
  • 10%/month   Long Term Boarding (Annually)
  • *Maximum combined Discounts 50%


  • $5/hr for appointments before 8am and after 8pm.
  • $15/hr Missed Appointments without good explanation.


- I-44 Exit #239 at St. Clair (Hwy WW Signs)
- West on the North Service Road for 1 mile.
-Turn right (North) at the VFW Hall.
-2 miles out WW, Pet Tender’s on the right.
-Address 818 Hwy WW, ENS #WW3-330.
-“Pet Tender’s” on top of the mailbox.
-Gravel drive right before a white pasture fence. 


No Exceptions  Call first PLEASE!

Pet Tender in Residence:  Kay’s home (where she sleeps) overlooks the cattery (where she lives!)  Working alone, she can only offer her services 24/7/365 “by appointment”  However, after a life of bureaucracy, commuting, and travel, she considers the opportunity to “work” at home a treasured luxury.  Anxious guardians are welcome to call for reports when they are away.  Flexibility and mutual consideration are the basis for good service at Pet Tender’s.

Pet Tender’s Responsibilities:

  • To be available at prearranged appointment times.
  • To provide facilities which are clean, secure, and comfortable.
  • To provide routine care, which includes proper feeding, exercise, and attention.
  • To provide special care as needed and possible.
  • To keep the guardian informed of any emergencies which arise requiring medical decisions.
  • To report boarding behavior and any unusual observations to the guardian.

Pet Guardian’s Responsibilities:

  • To make appointments and keep Pet Tender informed of changing needs.
  • To insure that boarding pets are clean, healthy, and properly immunized. (Rabies/FVRCP/FeLV)
  • To inform the Pet Tender of any special needs or unusual behaviors.
  • To furnish feed if other than that normally fed by the Cattery.
  • To furnish medication with complete written instructions for administration.
  • To furnish complete and correct information on themselves (Reservation Form) and each pet (Pet Information Form) and read and sign the Pet Guardian’s Agreement.


Feeding:  Pet Tender’s furnishes Purina’s ONE Special Care (Urinary Track formula), but bring your own feed, if different, is recommended.  Boarders are fed regularly morning and evening.

Medication will be administered according to written guardian and veterinarian instructions.  Should a medical emergency arise, Pet Tender’s uses the nearest available vet, in consultation with guarding and pet’s regular vet as needed.

If Parasites are discovered, pets will be treated at guardian’s expense.

Grooming is not available at Pet Tender’s.  Long-term boarders may be taken to a groomer if needed, at guardian’s expense.

Personal Items are encouraged to help pets feel more “at home”  (safe toys; clean, washable bedding with homey scents; beds; crates, etc.)

Note:  It’s ALWAYS best to visit in advance to satisfy yourself that the facility will be a good match for your cat’s needs.  That also allows you to get a feel for what to bring for your creature’s comfort!


 First time reservations require completing the Reservation Form and a Pet Info Form for each pet, signing the Guardian’s Agreement, and either an advance tour or deposit.  Subsequent reservations may be made by phone or email.  All reservations require specific Check-IN & OUT appointment times to be placed on the calendar.

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